Experienced Divorce Law Firm Offering Sound Strategy And Support

Getting a divorce is a life-changing step that you need to be prepared for. If you or your spouse is considering divorce, you will want to work with an attorney who understands the give and take of negotiation but who is also willing to litigate your case in court. By preparing for both eventualities, the Law Offices of Karen P. Donahoe puts you in the best possible position, no matter what happens.

Our founding attorney, Karen Donahoe, has represented thousands of clients in more than three decades as a family law attorney in litigation and mediation proceedings, and has worked with the Los Angeles courts as an appointed alternative dispute resolution mediator for more than 20 years. She knows the benefits that mediation can give during a divorce in terms of time, money and stress reduction. She is also an experienced and aggressive litigator who will help you protect your assets and represent your best interests throughout your divorce. Having in-depth knowledge of both avenues gives Ms. Donahoe the best advantage when representing you and serving your needs.

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The Help You Need When Dealing With Complex Divorce

Our ideal in every divorce case is to bring everything to a swift and amicable conclusion. We realize that it is not possible in every situation because just as every marriage is unique, every divorce will be unique. We have years of experience in complex family law litigation. We take our skills and use them to the best effect for your situation, educating you as to the anticipated results and consequences of your choices, planning a road map for your divorce, supporting you intellectually and emotionally through the process, standing up for your rights, and keeping you and your goals at the forefront of all decisions, negotiations and litigation.

Our ultimate focus in your case is to get you through your divorce with a minimum of stress and a maximum of your desired outcomes. We will fight for what you want to achieve using all of the tools at our disposal.

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