Lawyer Providing Representation In Child Custody Cases

The family court system considers the best interests of the child when addressing custody issues. If you and your spouse or partner do not agree on what is best for your child, the court will determine who should make the important decisions in your child’s life (legal custody) and where your child will live (physical custody).

The court will focus on a variety of factors when examining the best interests of your child. The law endeavors to be gender neutral when addressing child custody disputes and presumes that it is in the best interest of your child to have a strong relationship with both parents. However, the courts will examine the unique facts and circumstances of your family when weighing what is in the best interest of your children. Having an experienced child custody attorney on your side is a good way to ensure a result that values you as a parent and is in the best interests of your child.

Providing Steady Guidance In A Difficult Time

If it is in your best interests, the Law Offices of Karen P. Donahoe will recommend co-parenting counseling or a custody evaluation with therapists and psychiatrists to present our viewpoint to the courts. Child custody issues are among the most stressful and traumatic issues an individual can experience. Calm, competent advocacy by an experienced child custody attorney will assist you during this difficult time in determining what course to pursue.

In her more than 35 years of family law practice, Ms. Donahoe has handled a vast number of custodial issues, including ones involving stepparents, grandparent visitation, domestic and interstate custody disputes, international custody disputes, custody cases involving domestic partners, determination of home state for custody, emergency (ex parte) temporary custody awards, restraining orders, custody evaluations, co-parenting counseling, mediation, appointment of guardians and other issues pertaining to child custody.

We Handle All Matters Involving Legal And Physical Custody

There are two types of child custody:

  • Legal custody: A party with legal custody is permitted to make decisions concerning the health, education and welfare of the minor child. These decisions include:
    • The enrollment or termination of enrollment in school
    • Participation in extracurricular activities
    • Nonemergency medical care
    • Participation in therapy or other types or mental health treatment
    • Change of the child’s residence
    • Issuance of a driver’s license
    • Issuance of a passport
    • Religious observance
  • Physical custody: A party with physical custody controls the care and physical location of the child subject to the other parent’s right of reasonable visitation.

Both legal and physical custody can be shared. This is often referred to as joint legal or joint physical custody. When legal custody is shared, both parents participate in making important decisions about the health, education and welfare of the child/children. When physical custody is shared, each parent typically receives significant periods of time with the child. Generally speaking, the physical custody plan is detailed with specificity and takes into account not only a weekly or school year plan, but also a plan for vacation periods and other nonschool periods.

Put Decades Of Legal Experience On Your Side

We have represented parents for over 35 years in both mediation settings and in court to establish custody and modify earlier custody orders through post-judgment modification. Our lawyer will guide you through the process by discussing with you different time share plans and what is appropriate for your family given the ages, background and nature of your children. We will help you through the mediation process demanded by California law and, if necessary, through litigation if that is what is required for you to satisfactorily resolve issues concerning time share and decisions involving your child.

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