Enforcement And Modification Of Custody And Support Orders

Over time, your situation may change. You may lose your job and not be able to afford to keep up with your current child support or spousal support payments. You may want to see your kids more often. Your children’s lives will change and they may require more monetary support than was originally agreed upon.

If your circumstances have changed sufficiently to warrant a change in child custody, child support or spousal support, our firm can help you pursue a modification. If necessary, we can work with vocational experts to establish your spouse’s earning potential or other experts to determine that you are no longer able to earn the income you once earned. Knowing the standards of proof for demonstrating a change of circumstance allows our attorney to make our clients’ claims stand up in court and helps them bring cases to a successful resolution.

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Enforcing Orders When An Ex Does Not Follow An Agreement

After you have been through the divorce process, you expect your spouse to hold to his or her side of your settlement or judgment. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen and you will need our help in enforcing the arrangements that have been put in place. Our firm will aggressively enforce your settlement or judgment in order to get your spouse to take the appropriate action. Whether it is obtaining the clerk of the courts’ signature on documents necessary to transfer property to you, or garnishing your spouse’s wages for child or spousal support, we will fight for your rights as stated in your divorce settlement or judgment.

If negotiation and mediation do not work to resolve a post-judgment dispute, we can also go to court and vigorously litigate in order to get results. We will be with you all the way, working hard to enact what was promised in your divorce settlement.

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