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If you or your spouse wants to file for a dissolution of marriage, you should educate yourself prior to the date of separation. That is the date on which one party forms an intent to end the marriage and acts on it. If you notice that your spouse has become more controlling of the finances or time with the children, his or her actions may be in preparation for filing a petition for dissolution of marriage. This is the time to contact an attorney to discuss your rights and methods and to protect yourself by obtaining copies of key financial documents, including:

  • Individual income tax returns with attachments for the previous three years
  • Documents evidencing income since the last individual income tax return
  • Corporate and partnership tax returns for the previous three years, if applicable
  • Financial statements for the previous three years, if applicable
  • Current statements, including bank, brokerage and retirement accounts
  • Documents evidencing debt, including mortgage and credit cards

At the Law Offices Of Karen Phillips Donahoe, we will not only guide you through the progression of divorce from the date of separation to final resolution, but we will assist you as you make decisions for your future. We know this is not an easy time. You and your spouse will agree on some issues and disagree on others. We will advise you as to what your best options are and how to achieve your desired outcome.

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