Dissolution Of Marriage And Conservatorships

As our population lives longer and marriages last longer, a type of marital dissolution and/or dissolution of a domestic partnership occurs more frequently involving appointment of a conservator or guardian to represent the interests of a spouse who is no longer competent to look out for their own interests.

At the Law Offices Of Karen Phillips Donahoe, we have assisted families through this difficult and complex situation. A spouse can become incompetent to handle their own affairs for a number of reasons, including dementia or a long-term illness, which incapacitates that spouse. When this occurs, a conservator of the estate needs to be appointed to work with the family law attorney. A conservator for the person can care for the ill spouse’s day-to-day needs while the family law attorney works with the conservator of the estate to bring the marital dissolution to its end, ideally through settlement but on occasion through litigation.

Skilled Legal Guides For When Family Law And Probate Law Intersect

Representing the interests of an incapacitated spouse with the conservator of the estate involves not just an understanding of California family law, but also knowledge concerning this intersection of family and probate law. Our lawyer at the Law Offices of Karen P. Donahoe has experience in this specific area of family law practice and can assist the ill spouse through their third-party representative (i.e., a conservator, and in some cases a guardian).

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