Lawyer Handling Child Support Matters In Greater Los Angeles

In California, child support, with exceptions (which primarily apply to high-earning individuals), is calculated using the DissoMaster program. The program determines the appropriate amount of child support payable each month by one parent to the other by taking into account the time share award (the percentage of time each party spends with the child/children) and the financial circumstances of each party. The financial circumstances include the federal tax-filing status of each party, the gross monthly income or ability to earn of each party, hardships (which might include the obligation to support a child from another relationship) and important tax deductions.

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Protecting Your Interests When Making A Support Determination

Our lawyer will go over your finances with you in detail to help you determine how much you can expect to receive in child support, or how much you will need to pay. No matter which side you happen to fall on, we will work hard to help ensure that your interests remain protected in any decision regarding child support payments.

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