Providing Divorce Consulting And Unbundled Family Law Services

Many people going through divorce do not need to go through litigation or mediation in order to resolve the issues at stake. If you have already worked out most or all of the details of your divorce, you may just need a legal consultant to assist you in preparing your paperwork and confirm that all of the details are correct and will meet the court’s standards.

Our lawyer and staff offer assistance to clients who need help implementing the divorce decisions they have agreed to with their spouses. We can advise you on what information to gather, help you draft the correct paperwork to submit to the courts, and offer advice on the best way to divide your assets or resolve differences over an issue. For these purposes, our attorney does not become the “attorney of record” on your legal documents. Instead, we provide the knowledge you need to complete the process.

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Unbundled Family Law Services

We offer a variety of services in the area of divorce and family law consulting. Our clients appreciate the ability to pick and choose where they need our help in order to simplify their divorce process. We can assist you with:

  • Negotiation tactics
  • Reviewing your and your spouse’s finances
  • Calculating child support and spousal support
  • Drafting legal documents
  • Filling out the necessary forms
  • Processing your divorce

If you and your spouse are unable to come to agreeable terms for your settlement and you need further assistance, we are available to become your attorney of record and represent you in litigation or mediation. We always keep your best interests in mind, and we will fight aggressively for the outcome you desire.

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